Processing & Printing

We process your C-41 based film on site, it is not sent off somewhere else for processing.

We always print your photos on Kodak Royal Paper for vibrant colors and a thick, durable print. Each print is inspected for color and density. We use state of the art Noritsu digital-technology printers and our technicians were factory certified to get the best results possible. We also have a Consumer Terminal unit to upload and order digital prints from your CD or media card. Our staff is happy to consult with you to help you get even more out of photography.

Imaging & Restoration

Bring in your images (original photo, CD, memory card, or diskette in jpeg format) to get high-quality digital prints in minutes. You can crop, reprint, enlarge, save to disk, or add a border to your original photo or digital file. Print sizes range from wallets to 8x10s.

If you have old or damaged photos in need of some TLC, Gluskin’s restoration experts can bring them back to life or make new ones look even better. We will enhance faded prints; repair torn or scratched photos; add color or sepia tones; create custom sizes or vignettes; touch up hair or wrinkles; slim figures; add customized text or graphics; take people out or put new ones in; and more (if you can think of it we can probably do it). Your restoration will come with a permanent digital file (CD) of the restoration for future printing. Print sizes range from wallets up to 24×36. We use state of the art scanners, computer programs, printing equipment and highly skilled artists to make sure you get the best quality prints possible.


To read the federal copyright laws on photo duplication, please visit the PPA’s web page on copyright.